SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
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SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System

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SDI 2019-20 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System   Before SDI EClik...

SDI 2019-2020 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System
Factory Race Series W/ Live Valve / Stock / No Lighting Control - $1,799.00

SDI 2019-20 Ford Raptor E-CLICK PRO System


Before SDI EClik Technology,  off-road suspension was always a compromise of comfort and performance.  We all know the stock suspension is optimized for street comfort as it’s limits can be found easily when bouncing, bucking, and bottoming out over bumps, ruts, whoops, washouts, and rough dirt roads, especially when driven aggressively.  A proper off-road suspension is built with firmer valving and stiffer spring rates to more effectively absorb the higher loads we experience.  In most cases leaving you with a much stiffer, rougher, and bouncier street ride than stock.  Definitely not something ideal for your daily driven setup.

  If you've ever found the limits of your stock suspension or felt how rough a lifted setup can feel, you understand why so many invest thousands in top of the line shocks with external reservoirs with manual adjusters.  Unlike manual adjusters of yesterday, the Eclik suspension uses its processors’ advanced sensors and algorithms to control how your suspension feels.   The system actively controls the amount of energy required to compress the shock by Increasing and decreasing the flow of oil inside 500 times per second.  This let’s the shock flow freely to soak up the terrain before it can transfered to you and your passengers in one moment, and instantly decrease the flow in the next.  Decreasing flow inside the shock helps resist harsh impacts, and controls the buck/bounce, but can feel stiff and harsh when driving over normal terrain and lower speeds. This is why the higher reaction speed from soft to firm based on the terrain, translates to a much smoother driving truck with drastically less body roll and braking nose dive. 

Dial in your own suspension settings using the Pro menu with the on-dash high resolution touch screen puts you in FULL control of exactly how your truck drives.  Adjust your shock softness/firmess, throttle steering and braking reactions on the fly without affecting any of the factory drive modes/settings.  EClik even offers a tow setting that compensates for rear sag while mitigating unwanted sway from heavy loads.

Suspension Direct’s first-to-aftermarket semi-active shock technology system, E-CLIK Pro, is the only system that offers suspension specific patent-pending terrain modes. Pick your terrain and the system’s algorithm will do the rest no matter your level of driving skill. Choose between Trail, Street, and Desert – each mode is predictive to terrain and adaptive to driving style.


Engineered to enhance the Raptor suspension performance utilizing the OEM’s Fox Live Valve Shocks, E-CLIK’s ECU utilizes 12 inputs from multiple sensors and a stand-alone 8-axis IMU, receiving data at a rate of 500 times per second delivering improved suspension performance and overall best-in-class vehicle handling.


TRAIL Prioritizes Comfort | Actively adjusts your suspension in varying terrain, Trail Mode excels in slower trail riding with a soft and comfortable ride without sacrificing body control.

STREET Prioritizes Composure | Your suspension shouldn’t be compromised between on- and off-road, Street Mode offers a configuration that provides maximum comfort in ride quality while managing body roll.

DESERT Prioritizes Control | When you need to kick things up a notch, Desert Mode focusses on handing, reacting faster to terrain and driver input, sensing rough whooped out terrain and adjusting at the precise time.



Featuring a premium Touch Screen Controller – compact, water-resistant, impact-resistant, high-resolution display – that provides ergonomic style for comfort and simple to use menu with real-time data.


Taking this active system to Pro status, it features fully customizable adjustments allowing you to change the way it reacts and adapts to every driving situation by offering 10 adjustment levels each to Pitch, Roll, Turn, Throttle, and Brake sensitivities, including control over rear payload, and the ability to tune front and rear shocks independently. The E-CLIK Pro shock technology system for the Ford Raptor truly is in a league of its own, it’s Suspension Without Compromise.



• 3 Terrain Modes | Trail, Street, Desert – Predicts and adapts to terrain and driving style
• PRO Tuning (Roll, Pitch, Throttle, Braking & Turning Sensitivity, 10 tuning levels each)
• Independent Front and Rear Shock Adjustment, 10 tuning levels each
• E-CLIK Active Touch Screen Controller features sleek styling and simple user interface, gives driver in-cab control over shock damping, mounts to A-pillar using factory mounting points
• Improves overall traction and braking
• Drastically reduces body roll in corners
• Improves speed capability in rough terrain
• Rear payload/trailer adjustments – 0%, 25%, 50%, 75%, 100%
• OEM preset driving and steering modes remain fully functional
• Prevents vehicle from entering Ford’s limp mode, works in unity with Ford OEM electronics
• System designed to work with and increase performance of the OEM’s Fox Live Valve Shocks
• Can be added to the 2017-18 Raptor applications where Ford did not supply semi-active shocks (customer needs to acquire Fox 3.0 Live Valve Shocks)
• Easy Installation, no cutting or splicing
• Recommend Shock Re-valving of OEM shocks for best results
• Designed and Manufactured in the USA

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